Remote Adirondack Locations Photo Tours

A night or two out in the Adirondack backcountry, away from the bustle of modern living, not only facilitates photography of remote places, it promotes contemplation and reflection. In this state of mind, awareness of what you are photographing is often overshadowed by why you are photographing it. Freed from distraction, the images you make can evoke deeper meaning and speak with greater clarity. Early masters of photography ventured into the wilderness for precisely the same reasons.

We can choose from an assortment wilderness campsite locations that can be reached within about two hours of hiking or paddling, allowing plenty of time for photography. Or, we can work with you to select a destination that addresses your specific interests. 

These tours are arranged with two guides, are limited to 4 participants (in some cases fewer), and must be booked privately for you or your group. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities and costs.

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