Classic Adirondack Climbs

About This Project

This has been our primary project since Spring of 2013. Addressing a carefully curated selection of some of the best climbs in the Adirondacks, this book was originally conceived as a traditional printed climber's guidebook. Please scroll to the bottom of this page if you'd like to view our original Classic Adirondack Climbs book abstract.

As we delved into it, several unanticipated aspects of the project became clear.  First, as we began photographing the climbs, with the intention of filling out our already large collection of photos, we realized we were redefining what we could do photographically. Our old photos simply didn't cut it next to the recent ones. That led us to commit to re-photographing every climb in the book, keeping older photos only where they were historically significant. Climbers were incredibly generous and patient when we asked them to climb for our cameras. This made the process, although lengthy, very rewarding. We made lots of new friends and rekindled many old friendships as well. Thanks again (and again) to everyone who "held it right there" while we grabbed yet another shot!

As our collection of new photographs grew it became apparent that they were far more important in communicating why our chosen climbs were "classics" than any words we could possibly write. Much of what a guidebook must communicate requires words but the photographs were still providing a stronger voice. We realized that, in addition to providing the necessary route descriptions and other background information, Classic Adirondack Climbs would be best served with a photographically rich presentation. A traditional printed climber's guidebook would be impractical with so many photos and, as we thought about it, we had a preference for guidebooks in electronic format anyway. They are far more flexible and utilitarian.

Once we decided on an e-book format for the guidebook, other opportunities to share our photographs presented themselves and the project evolved into three separate, but related, projects: a photographic monograph, a fine art print collection , and a climber's guidebook in e-book format. Of course, this process took a lot longer than we originally envisioned.

Rock, Ice & Slide Climbing Photographs from the East's Largest Wilderness - Photographic Monograph (large-format, hardcover book)

A very significant aspect of Classic Adirondack Climbs is the photography and, although we will include numerous photographs in the e-book version, the reality of electronic distribution demands limited size and therefore limited quality. Furthermore, the transmissive viewing environment of even the very best screens pales in comparison to what can be viewed reflectively on a printed page. With an electronic format for the guidebook we decided we would also release a large-format printed hardcover book of the most striking photos, unencumbered by the need for extensive text. Detailed route information would be contained only in the e-book guidebook.

Now complete, this fine art, coffee-table book showcases our photographs using a large-format layout, along with high quality printing, paper and binding. It is intended to share the striking beauty of the places we photograph and to provide inspiration for climbers, photographers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. More Details & How To Order

Photographic Print Collection

Consisting of twenty custom-crafted, fine art photographs, this collection includes our favorite images from the Classic Adirondack Climbs project. Printed on our professional grade, large-format giclée printers from Canon or Epson, these custom prints offer the highest quality reproduction possible using current technology. All printing is done entirely by us, allowing us to precisely adjust the final print to best reflect our vision when the image was originally made in camera. Inks, papers and mounting materials are acid-free and meet conservation grade archival standards. Print sizes range up to approximately 24"x36". More Details & How To Order

Selected Rock, Ice & Slide Climbs (easy to moderate routes) - Climber's Guidebook (e-book)

In keeping with the way we, and many other climbers, actually use guidebooks we decided an e-book would be the most suitable format for this new guidebook. Although the book will contain a lot of information, it will never become unwieldy. Climbers can choose to carry the entire book on a smartphone, even while climbing, or print out a portion and carry that instead. Toting (and abusing) a heavy printed volume, or damaging its spine during scanning or photocopying will not be necessary. 

This guidebook is not yet available but it is nearing completion.

By releasing this project in three formats, each optimized for a different purpose, we will be able to share this project with the widest possible audience.

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