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As photographers we tend to think of our work as either ongoing activities or major projects. While we are easily inspired by most things photographic, our creative curiosity and interests are usually pulling us in one particular direction or another. By maintaining at least one significant, active project that aligns well with that direction, we are able to focus our inspriration and expand our vision. These projects tend to be broad in scope and they help define our artistic goals.

Classic Adirondack Climbs

Consisting of an e-book, large format hardcover book and a collection of fine art prints, this has been our primary photography project since Spring of 2013. In fact it has consumed pretty much every spare minute we could find. Combining a carefully curated climbers’ guidebook with serious climbing photography, our goal is to entice our audience to experience some of the best climbing the Adirondack Mountains have to offer. After more than 100 photo shoots spanning nearly three years, resulting in more than 50,000 photos, the photography for this project is complete and we are now concentrating on writing and design.

For more information:  Classic Adirondack Climbs

Workshops & Trips

Although sharing the mountains through our photographs allows us to reach a much larger audience, we are still firm believers in the value of hands-on sharing in small groups. Throughout our long careers as mountain guides we’ve conducted thousands of instructional programs and more than 140 private trips to six continents. Through Alpine Adventures, our Alpine Mastery Methods for climbing and skiing instruction provide one of the most comprehensive learning methodologies in the mountain guiding industry. We are gradually working toward developing a similar instructional methodology for photography workshops. This is a long term project that is still in its early stages. 

Smaller Projects

Not everything we work on is a “next big thing” that requires months or years to complete. A particularly challenging photo shoot, a newly-modified piece of equipment, a post-processing revelation, our participation in an event, or any of many other reasons might generate news we want to share. Our Happenings page is where we share stuff of this nature. Nothing earth-shattering but you might find it interesting.

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